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Mouthguards & Nightguards – Lake Highlands, TX

Protecting Your Teeth When You Need It Most

The health of your teeth, gums, and mouth is incredibly important for your day to day life. From talking and eating to flashing your beautiful smile in public, it’s vital that your teeth stay protected. That’s why we offer personalized mouthguards, sportsguards, and nightguards at Walnut Hill Dental Associates. Whether you need help with your teeth grinding habit or have a son or daughter at home that loves physical activity, we have a proper solution for you. Dr. Mitra Bolouri, your expert dentist in Lake Highlands, is experienced in treating patients with custom made oral appliances to make their smiles more comfortable and protected. Keep reading to learn more about our different types of mouthguards that we have to offer.

Why Choose Us for Mouthguards & Nightguards?


Woman with clear aligner

Do you have a little one at home that plays sports? It’s important for them to wear a sportsguard even when they are participating in activities that aren’t thought of as “physical.” In fact, studies have shown that almost half of dental injuries in teens occur during baseball and basketball, which are activities less physical than football and boxing. That said, children can even experience facial trauma and lost teeth during recess, which is why it’s vital that your little one has a sportsguard. These are not only designed to protect their teeth from damage, but they can minimize the amount of concussion their head experiences during a collision. The best part is that our sportsguards will last years longer than store-bought products, making them more durable and reliable.


Young woman with boxing glove and mouthguard

Do you suffer from nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism)? This condition is often hard to detect on your own, but you may notice headaches, chipped or worn teeth, and sore muscles as some of the common symptoms. If left untreated, bruxism can lead to permanently damaged teeth. That’s why Dr. Bolouri checks for abnormal wear during routine preventive checkups and offers custom-made nightguards as a solution. They are designed to fit your exact smile and are made of plastic. They’re not only comfortable to wear, but they will help you receive a better night’s rest while also protecting your teeth.