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When Should You Change Your Toothbrush? Find Out Here!

December 29, 2020

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Man holding toothbrush while looking in the mirror

If you care about the health of your smile, you probably brush and floss daily to keep it clean and shining. Brushing your teeth twice a day is your primary defense against plaque and bacteria that can build up from the foods you eat. However, as important as regular brushing is, you may be harming your smile more than helping it if you’re not routinely switching it out for a new one. Read on to learn when it’s time to change your toothbrush in Dallas as well as why it’s so important for your oral health.


Going to the Dentist: A Refresher Course!

December 19, 2020

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Woman smiling after going to a dental checkup in Dallas

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you may feel embarrassed or even nervous about your next appointment. Whether you’ve put off dental visits due to schedule, finances, or anxiety, the important part is that you get a dental checkup in Dallas—no matter how long it’s been. Thankfully, you can calm your nerves and prepare yourself by refreshing your brain on what to expect with your upcoming dental visit!


How to Enjoy the Holidays with a Healthy Smile!

November 24, 2020

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Woman eating holiday foods at dinner table

December is finally here, which means that you’re probably looking forward to all the holiday festivities, including sweets, treats, and snacks. However, this time of year can put your smile at serious risk of issues like cavities, decay, and gum disease. Thankfully, your dentist has put together a list of tips, including holiday foods to avoid, for the safest and most healthy celebrations!


Why You Should Take Advantage of Your Dental Insurance when Pregnant

October 24, 2020

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Woman who is pregnant smiling after visiting the dentist

2020 is coming to a close, which means your insurance benefits are also ending. If you were unaware, your hard-earned dental insurance dollars expire at the end of each year, leaving any unused benefits completely wasted. If you’re pregnant, you may be wondering if you can even go to the dentist as well as how you can stay healthy and save money. Thankfully, keeping your smile clean and your wallet full is as easy as visiting the dentist. Read on to learn more!


6 Types of Tooth Pain You Shouldn’t Ignore!

September 24, 2020

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Man with hand on face experiencing tooth pain

Have you ever been having a perfectly great day, then out of nowhere, you experience tooth pain? Of course, this discomfort can keep you from eating, speaking, and going about your daily activities as you normally would, but how do you know when it’s a true emergency? A dental emergency requires a visit to your dentist as soon as possible, which is why you should be aware of the 7 major types of tooth pain in Dallas that shouldn’t be ignored.


Enamel Wear: Why It’s a Big Deal!

September 22, 2020

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Woman smiling in dental chair

In the past, has your dentist ever told you that some teeth are wearing down faster than others? You may not think this is significant, after all you brush/floss daily and maintain regular checkups and cleanings. However, worn down enamel can lead to serious oral health problems if you’re not careful. Read on to learn how your enamel becomes worn in the first place as well as what your dentist in Dallas can do to help!


Be Prepared for Any Dental Emergency!

August 26, 2020

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3D illustration of a dental emergency kit

Dental emergencies can never be completely prevented, which is why it’s important to be prepared if one occurs. Of course, a dental emergency can happen out of nowhere—whether it’s biting down on a hard popcorn kernel or experiencing a dental injury in sports. However, having the right materials on hand could be the difference between saving or losing your tooth. Read on to learn how to build a dental emergency kit so you’re prepared if dental disasters strike.


The Dangers of Not Brushing Your Teeth Before Bed

August 19, 2020

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Woman brushing with tips from dentist in Lake Highlands

It’s no secret that your days are busy. You wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, pick your kids up from school, make sure your house is tidy, cook dinner, and then it’s practically bedtime. It can be so easy just to slide into bed and fall asleep, however you’re missing one important step and it only takes two minutes! Read on to see why brushing your teeth before sleep is vital for your oral health and what can happen if you forget to clean your smile.


The 7 Most Important Reasons to Get Your Teeth Cleaned!

July 21, 2020

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Woman smiling after a dental cleaning in Lake Highlands

Dental cleanings may not ever be your favorite activity, but it doesn’t mean they’re not important! You may think of these visits as a way to keep your smile looking nice, which is correct. However, dental cleanings also play a vital role in your oral AND overall health. In fact, without routine cleanings, you could be putting yourself at risk of issues like cardiovascular disease, strokes, cancers, bone loss, and other serious problems. Read on to learn 7 additional reasons why dental cleanings in Lake Highlands are so important.


There Are 5 Types of Bad Breath: Which One Do You Have?

June 23, 2020

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Woman smelling her breath after seeing dentist in Lake Highlands

Do you wake up in the morning and notice bad breath? Or, maybe you smell your own breath throughout the day? You may have altered your eating habits, but what if your bad breath persists? Also known as halitosis, your breath could be a serious medical condition, but not all smells are the same! Read on to learn about the 5 different types of bad breath from your dentist in Lake Highlands to see which one you have.

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